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"Sophie" is our girl from Destiny Bengals in Florida.She has a coat that is as soft as silk, and marvelous black expression with large rosettes. Sophie is PFS (pure for spots) and carries the melanistic gene so she produces both charcoal kittens and melanistic kittens when paired with males with complimentary genes.  She has produced beautiful charcoal F1 babies.  She is mischievous and a brilliant problem solver. She quickly learned to open cabinets and play fetch all on her own. She is also a talker and gives her opinion often. She has become best buddies with our retired girl, Gemma. PK Def N/N by Parentage and PRA-b N/N 
Sire:  ALC Lews Therin
Dam: Summit Totally Tonka
Summit Sarabi
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 Currently Screening HCM Negative
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N**
Sarabi is a beautiful F1 girl produced here at Summit Bengals.  She is pretty characteristic of most F1s, she is bonded to me and my daughter and doesn't really like strangers.  She gets very aloof and hides with folks come to visit the cattery.  You may catch a glimpse of Sarabi but don't expect to interact with her.  She reserves that privilege for those she knows well and trusts.  She is very loving to "her people" and LOVES to run on her cat wheel.  She keeps the other females in line and is definitely the alpha female of the group.  She is mother to our F2 girl, Nala, pictured below.
Summit Nala 
Upcoming EG Queen ....
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Currently Screening HCM Negative **PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N by parentage**
Sire: Junglemist Bad Boy Binx of Summit
Dam: Summit Sarabi (F1)

Destiny Bengals Saphira of Summit
Sire: CherryKitty Khal Drogo of Summit
Dam: Summit Totally Tonka

HCM Screening Pending 
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N by parentage**

HCM Screening (Will be completed prior to breeding, currently too young)
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N by parentage**
This is Nala.  She is a spunky and charming F2 girl.  She is overly friendly and is pretty much the greeter of the group.  She loves people, even strangers, and is super curious.  She has the sound (vocalizations) and intensity of the early generation cats but the social nature of the later generations.  From a tiny kitten she has been outgoing and independent.  Our nickname for her has been "squirrel" (I know, not super exotic lol) because she is so super fast and darts around when she is excited that it reminds you of a squirrel..also because of how incredibly large her eyes are and they were so pronounced as a small kitten that they took over her face and it made her look like a baby squirrel.  She is a sweetheart.  She carries sepia snow and charcoal.
This is Akemi, which means Beauty.  She is a large/solid girl with the most awesome personality.  She is playful and sweet and would be happy to lounge on the sofa with you all day long as you are not stingy with the rubs but she would also just as happily play with you if you were so inclined until she passed out.  She carries lynx snow and melanistic genes so we hope to use her in a charcoal snow program in the near future.  We included a funny pic of her above which fits her personality, she is a funny and charming sweetie.  She is all purrs and love.  She is our sweet Keemers.