Dedicated to breeding beautiful, healthy, and loving SBT and early generation Bengals


Summit is a TICA registered cattery located in Welcome, North Carolina.  We breed both domestic SBT Bengals and early generation (F1-F3) Bengal cats.  We are dedicated to providing healthy and happy Bengal kittens with wonderful temperaments. We strive to produce kittens with flashy coats and beautiful spotted patterns.


Our Bengal cats are part of our family. Kittens are born and raised in our home with dogs and children, ensuring that they come to you well socialized. Our adult cats have access to secure indoor and outdoor play areas with multiple climbing perches and trees. Some enjoy going for walks on a harness and leash when the weather is nice.

All of our cats are FeLv/FIV, PK Def, and PRA-b negative, and screened for HCM. We also screen for Tri-trichomonas Foetus.

Please feel free to contact us for kitten inquires and questions! I check my e-mail regularly and reply as promptly as possible.


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Summit Bengals


Both SBT and early generation Bengals are full of vibrant and unique personality traits, making them one of the most endearing and entertaining companions you can get. Below is a highlight reel encapsulating the stunning nature of our Bengal kitties. 

**Note that none of the cats included in the highlight reel below are available; they are all pictures of past kittens taken by us or sent to us by clients after they purchased one of our babies. 

See how we measure up! Use this link as a tool to help you find your perfect Bengal. We strive to make you happy and match you with a new family member that you will cherish for years to come. Take a minute to research how to find and buy a quality pedigreed cat.




We have been alerted that scammers have posted pictures of our kittens and are using our name in ads. Please make sure you are corresponding with the real Summit Bengals! Send E-mails to the address on this site!


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"Walk? No, thanks. I'll just stay up here"