ALC Lews Therin

HCM screened negative Nov. 2015

This is Lews Therin, one of our Asian Leopard Cats (ALCs). He is fun, quirky, and incredibly smart! His intelligence never fails to amaze me. He is bonded to me and to my daughter (albeit to a lesser extent). He tolerates a rare few others but even for those that get to see a glimpse of what I see they are amazed and enchanted. He can be a whiney brat when he doesn't get his way or when he feels like I'm paying more attention to the "others," the lowly Bengals he allows to coexist in his realm! After all, his majesty deserves more praise than the common rabble. In truth, he gets along great with all of his Bengal ladies, he just has such an air of superiority to him!

Khal Drogo
of Summit
Sire: Bengalias Dietrich
Dam: DarksideBengals Lilium
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N**
HCM screened negative June 2018

This is our beautiful boy, Drogo! He is from CherryKitty Cattery in South Korea. We fell in love with Drogo and just had to have him! Drogo carries melanistic and lynx snow genes. He is also pure for spots. We are looking forward to using him in an early generation charcoal snow program in the near future. Drogo is a real sweetheart and loves to have his belly rubbed. He is such a chatterbox! He is one of the most social and loving cats we have ever seen! He is incredibly playful and loves attention. There is a shelf in his large, outdoor enclosure that we have deemed the "love shelf"; if anyone gets near his enclosure, he will run to that shelf and roll over on his back, wanting to be loved on! He will also crawl into my arms if I stand there long enough and wrap his front arms/paws over my shoulder and give me hugs. He is such a lovable and goofy character!

of Summit
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N**
HCM screened negative May 2019

This is Aegon, an upcoming stud! We are excited to add him to our family! He is a beautiful sepia snow boy who is pure for spots (meaning he cannot produce marble kittens). He came to us all the way from ParadiseApple Cattery in Russia! He's a very large and solid boy who never seems to stop growing. He is very loving and curious, causing him to get into a lot of trouble; very typical for a Bengal kitten! His spots are large and keep getting more beautiful as he grows. He's a stud and he knows it! He's our very own Jon Snow, a little bit of fire and a little bit of ice. 

We will update pictures as he gets closer to breeding age. For now, we are just enjoying our baby! His favorite pastimes include pouncing out from behind the curtains to scare the occasional passersby and sneaking into the bathroom to annihilate the toilet paper roll when a forgetful human has left the door open!

ALC Drax
**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N**

Drax is our other ALC and our newest upcoming King. More recent pictures will be posted once he gets closer to breeding age. For now, he is still our little cub! 

He is very social with other cats and enjoys observing and playing with them. He is a beautiful boy and we look forward to seeing his F1 babies.