Screened HCM negative

**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N** by heritage

Sire: ALC Lews Therin

Dam: Summit's Totally Tonka

Sarabi is our breeding F1, born and raised here at Summit Bengals! She is pretty characteristic of most F1s in that she is bonded to my daughter and I and doesn't really like strangers. She becomes very aloof and hides in high places when people come and visit the cattery. You may catch a glimpse of her, but don't expect to interact with her. She is very loving to the people she knows well and trusts. She keeps our other breeding females in line and is undeniably the alpha-female of the group. 




of Summit

**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N**

Moonshine is a beautiful spotted seal lynx snow girl that is pure for spots (cannot produce marble babies). She has large rosettes with lots of contrast and glitter. She came to us all the way from ParadiseApple cattery in Russia. Moonshine has the most amazingly vivid blue eyes. I hope I can capture how amazing they are in her photos. She is a very "in your face" cat, meaning she likes to be the center of attention and can be overly loving at times. If you are not paying attention Moonshine may very well head-butt you right in the mouth, purring all the while. She likes to lay across my shoulder or neck where she can remind me that she's there at regular intervals. She is very vocal and even though she is young she is migrating to the top of the pecking order with the other females. She has an alpha spirit. The only word for Moonshine is DIVA! That being said, she is almost constantly purring and is very much a lap-cat.



Aspen Rose

Sire: CherryKitty Khal Drogo od Summit

Dam: Summit's Nala (F2)

**PK-Def N/N, PRA-b N/N** by heritage

Aspen is a spotted F3, or as the new terminology goes... G3 mink snow girl. She is a homegrown girl and we couldn't be any more proud of her. She is a gorgeous girl with great structure and beautiful rosettes. She's playful, social, and loves people. As a small kitten, we nicknamed her "Toe Bean" because she had such large feet and toes! Well, our little Toe Bean has grown into quite the head-turner. I am so happy that we decided to keep her! To be perfectly honest she has turned out so much better than we expected. She was raised as a singleton because her only littermate did not survive the emergency C-section that was required for their delivery. Being raised in my home, she was spoiled pretty sufficiently and her personality shows it!

As a kitten, my daughter would take her into her room and let Aspen curl up on her bed. Once, I walked in to say goodnight and Aspen was asleep on my daughter's head! She got up there all by herself!

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