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Waiting List Information

SBT Waiting List

When we have a litter, we send birth announcements to all on the list with information about colors and sex available. This info is given prior to advertising the litter to the general public or being posted on this site. Deposits are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis after persons on the waiting list have been notified of availability. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please email us with your contact information and indicate you would like to be added! If you have a color/sex preference please include it in your email.  Our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you want and are 100% happy with your new kitten. Knowing what you are looking for helps us do this!! If there are kitten pictures on the SBT kitten page, with prices listed, these babies are available right now for a deposit to be placed. We pride ourselves on keeping the website up to date and returning e-mails promptly! Thank you for your interest in our babies and we hope to see you soon!

F1-F3 Waiting List

We do our early generation waiting lists a little differently because of the demand for these babies and because we plan these litters out in advance based on the waiting list. To be on one of the waiting lists (F1-F3) a nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your place for upcoming litters (1st pick, 2nd pick, etc).  At the time of your waiting list deposit, we would let you know how many others are on the waiting list so you know where you are in line. We send updates along the way with info about expected due dates. Once the babies arrive and are a few weeks old we send photos to the 1st pick person. They choose their baby and we then send photos to the 2nd pick person and so on.  Once you pick your baby the remainder of the deposit is due. If we have a small litter and there are not enough babies to provide for the waiting list then the deposit would roll over to the following litter.  Example:  If we have 3 on the waiting list but only have 2 babies available then the 3rd pick person would get 1st pick on the following litter.  This is totally out of our hands and up to Mother Nature, we could have a litter of 2 or a litter of 6. 


Waiting list customers can choose to "pass" on a litter if needed and roll to the next litter.  Many times this happens if we don't have the gender that you are looking for available.  We do reserve the right to hold a female back from the litter for our own breeding program or if there is a breeder on our breeder waiting list. The breeder waiting list is separate because only the early generation females can go on to further the breed. If you are specifically looking for a female pet please be sure to let us know when you place your waiting list deposit. We want to be sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for and will be 100% happy with your new addition.


If everyone from the waiting list has picked a baby and we still have kittens available then we send that information on to our notification list (no deposit required) and then on to this website to be posted as available. 


If you are 100% sure that you want a baby from us then I would advise getting on the waiting list. We have remained a small, in-home cattery so that we can provide the absolute best care, attention, and love to our babies. This means that we do not mass produce kittens. We produce a smaller number of kittens but focus on the health, quality, and temperament of our babies. Due to the smaller number of kittens produced, the babies do tend to get "scooped up" quickly as we usually have a few on the waiting list at any given time.

F1 Kittens & Care


Please read the care document below for more information on these special babies before inquiring about a kitten. We have also included "Bringing Home Your F1 Baby" for more info. These babies are not for everyone and we want potential buyers to know what to expect to ensure that an early generation kitten is a good fit for your home. Re-homing an adult F1, or even F2, is sometimes very difficult and traumatic for the cat. Many times they will never bond as adults when rehomed so we want their first home to be their forever home. They bond to people when they are young and can be super loving, but it is a completely different story as an adult. F1s are the product of breeding an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) to a Bengal. Their father is either ALC Lews Therin or ALC Drax, both of whom can be seen on our Kings page. Our F2s are 2 generations away from our Asian Leopard Cats, so their grandfather is either Drax or Lews Therin. The documents below may also apply a great deal to the F2 babies, although they were originally written with F1s in mind.

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All of our Summit Bengal kittens are handled daily (multiple times in fact). They are handled by children as well as adults. They are given free run of my home which includes being socialized to my dogs. This ensures that your kitten is used to a busy home atmosphere with children and other animals. The kittens usually follow us around the house so they can be where the action is. Our kittens come home with TICA registration papers, a health guarantee, a vet check prior to going home, age-appropriate shots, deworming as a preventative, health record, and of course pre-spoiled. I feed my kittens Royal Canin Kitten food and recommend this to all of my kitten buyers. A sample of this food is sent home with the kitten as well as a new kitten care guide by Royal Canin. I do require a kitten purchase contract to be signed that includes my written health guarantee and terms of adoption. A deposit is required to reserve a kitten. Deposits are nonrefundable because at that point we are holding the kitten for you and no longer advertising that kitten as available to other interested parties. If you change your mind and decide not to continue with the purchase of the kitten that you have placed a deposit on then you lose your deposit, it is not refunded. We feel this is fair because that kitten must now be relisted and we have turned down other homes and may have to keep that kitten longer than the rest of the litter as well.


We only place breeders with licensed TICA catteries as a rule. Individuals may be considered for breeder placement on a case by case basis and must agree to be mentored by us or have a reputable TICA registered cattery agree to mentor them. This is according to the TICA Code of Ethics and for the well-being of our babies and the breed. Kitten prices vary as they are priced individually according to breed standard and classification (pet/breeder). If interested in a Summit Bengal kitten feel free to contact me for pricing and availability.


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